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■"JA?".- • i >-cai;JTT 

:v r ^^r^^^;, 

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EDWIN S. GORHAM, Publisher 


Copyright, 1904 
By Edwin S. Gorham. 

3ln HenumattL 

J. W. Alfred Cluett, of Troy, N.Y., was born at 
Wolverhampton, England, on June the tenth, eight- 
een hundred and thirty-four, and passed away from 
this life on June the second, eighteen hundred and 


THE hymn tunes contained in this book have been collected, and 
arranged in the present form, by Louise Cluett Cowee, from the 
original manuscript compositions of J. W. Alfred Cluett, and are now 
published by his wife and daughters in affectionate remembrance of him 
and in recognition of his love for, and interest in, church music, ancient 
and modern. Among these tunes are several which have been pre- 
viously published in the Rev. Dr. J. Ireland Tucker's Hymnal, in the 
Rev. Dr. George W. Shinn's Prayer Book and Hymnal, and in sheet music 
form. Grateful acknowledgment is here made to the publishers of those 
Hymnals ; to Messrs. Cluett and Sons, and H. S. Gordon, for their 
courtesy in giving permission to use such tunes. 


All Saints, 1904 


TKe Lord Be witH Us. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

The Lordbe with us as we bend, His bless-ing to re-ceive; 

His gift of peace up-on us send, Be-fore His courtswe leave. 

2 The Lord be with us as we walk 
Along our homeward road; 
In silent thought, or friendly talk 
Our hearts be still with God. 

3 The Lord be with us till the night 

Shall close the day of rest ; 

Be He of every heart the light, 

Of every home the Guest. 

4 And when our nightly prayers we say, 
His watch He still shall keep, 
Grown with His grace His own blest day 
And guard His people's sleep. 

Abide with Me. 

IO. IO. IO. IO. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

darkness deepens; Lord, with me a-bide; Whenoth - erhelp-ers fail, and 

2 Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day; 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away ; 
Change and decay in all around I see ; 

O Thou who changest not, abide with me. 

3 I need Thy presence every passing hour ; 

What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's power ? 
Who like Thyself my guide and stay can be ? 
Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me. 

Abide with Me. 

4 I fear no foe with Thee at hand to bless ; 
Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness ; 
Where is death's sting ? Where, grave, thy victory ? 
I triumph still, if Thou abide with me. 

5 Hold Thou Thy cross before my closing eyes ; 
Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies ; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee; 
In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me. Amen. 

Come, Holy GKost, Creator, Come. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 Thou art the Comforter, the gift 

Of God, and fire of love ; 

The everlasting spring of joy, 

And unction from above. 

Enlighten our dark souls, till they 

Thy sacred love embrace ; 
Assist our minds, by nature frail, 
With Thy celestial grace. 
3 Thy gifts are manifold, Thou writ'st 5 Drive far from us the mortal foe, 
God's law in each true heart; And give us peace within ; 

The promise of the Father, Thou That, by Thy guidance blest, we may 

Dost heavenly speech impart. Escape the snares of sin. 

6 Teach us the Father to confess, 
And Son, from death revived, 
And Thee, with both, O Holy Ghost, 
Who art from both derived. Amen. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 When the soft dews of kindly sleep 
My weary eyelids gently steep, 

Be my last thought, how sweet to rest 5 
Forever on my Saviour's breast. 

3 Abide with me from morn till eve, 
For without Thee I cannot live ; 

• Abide with me when night is nigh, 
For without Thee I dare not die. 

4 If some poor wanderingchild of Thine 
Have spurned to-day the voice divine, 

Now, Lord, the gracious work begin ; 
Let him no more lie down in sin. 
Watch by the sick ; enrich the poor 
With blessings from Thy boundless 

store ; 
Be every mourner's sleep to-night, 
Like infant's slumbers, pure and light. 
Come near and bless us when we wake, 
Ere through the world our way we take, 
Till in the ocean of Thy love 
We lose ourselves in heaven above. 

uT - - - - r 

sight a - way; Free from care, from la - bor free, 

Lord, I would com - mune with Thee. A - men. 

j^ f ^ 

12 Thou whose all-pervading eye, 

Naught escapes, without, within, 
Pardon each infirmity, 

Open fault, and secret sin. 

3 Thou who, sinless, yet hast known 
All of man's infirmity ; 
Then, from Thine eternal throne, 
Jesus, look with pitying eye. 

4 Soon, for me, the light of day 
Shall for ever pass away ; 
Then, from sin and sorrow free, 
Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee. 


earth come down ! Fix in us Thy hum - ble dwell-ing, 

2 Jesus, Thou art all compassion, 

Pure, unbounded love Thou art ; 
Visit us with Thy salvation, 
Enter every trembling heart. 

3 Come, almighty to deliver, 

Let us all Thy life receive ; 
Come to us, dear Lord, and never, 
Never more Thy temples leave. 

4 Thee we would be alway blessing; 

Serve Thee as Thy hosts above ; 

Pray, and praise Thee without ceasing ; 
Glory in Thy perfect love. 

5 Finish then Thy new creation, 

Pure and spotless let us be : 

Let us see our whole salvation, 

Perfectly secured in Thee: 

6 Changed from glory into glory, 

Till in heaven we take our place: 

Till we cast our crowns before Thee, 

Lost in wonder, love, and praise. 

For tKe Apostles' Glorious Company. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

I. For the A - pos - ties' glo - rious com- pa - ny, Who, bear-ing 

forth the cross o'er land and sea, . . Shook all the might - y 

2 For the Evangelists, by whose blest word, 
Like four-fold streams, the garden of the Lord 
Is fair and fruitful, be Thy Name adored. 

Alleluia! Alleluia! 

3 For Martyrs, who, with rapture-kindled eye, 
Saw the bright crown descending from the sky, 
And died to grasp it, Thee we glorify. 

Alleluia ! Alleluia ! Amen. 

Saviour, Again to THy Dear Name We Raise. 

I OS. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

cord our part - ing hymn of praise ; We stand to bless Thee 

ere our woi 

■5-: -J- -Q5B- 

■ship cease; Then, low - ly kneeling,wait Thy word of peace. 

Grant us Thy peace thro' this approach-ing night, Turn Thou for 

J- J J J 

Saviour, Again to Thy Dear Name "We Raise. 

us its dark-ness in - to light ; . . From harm and dan - ger 

I I I 

keepThy children free, For dark and light are bothalike to Thee. A - men. 

2 Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward way; 
With Thee began, with Thee shall end the day; 
Guard Thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame, 
That in this house have called upon Thy name. 
Grant us Thy peace throughout our earthly life, 
Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife ; 
Then, when Thy voice shall bid our conflict cease, 
Call us, O Lord, to Thine eternal peace. 

Lord, with Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

Help, O God, my weak en - deav - or ; This dull 

Lord, witH Glowing Heart I'd Praise Thee. 

2 Praise, my soul, the God that sought thee, 

Wretched wanderer, far astray ; 
Found thee lost, and kindly brought thee 

From the paths of death away ; 
Praise, with love's devoutest feeling, 

Him who saw thy guilt-born fear, 
And, the light of hope revealing, 

Bade the blood-stained cross appear. 

3 Lord, this bosom's ardent feeling 

Vainly would my lips express : 
Low before Thy footstool kneeling, 

Deign Thy suppliant's prayer to bless : 
Let Thy grace, my soul's chief treasure, 

Love's pure flame within me raise; 
And, since words can never measure, 

Let my life show forth Thy praise. 



J. W. A. Cluett. 

Near - er, my God, toThee, Near - er to Thee. E'en tho' it 

-I u 

2 Though like a wanderer, 

Weary and lone, 
Darkness comes over me, 

My rest a stone; 
Yet in my dreams I'd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

3 There let my way appear 

Steps unto heaven ; 
All that Thou sendest me 

In mercy given ; 
Angels to beckon me 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

4 Then with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 
Out of my stony griefs 

Altars I'll raise ; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

5 Or if on joyful wing, 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 

Upward I fly, 
Still all my song shall be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee. 

St. Andrew. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 As of old, Saint Andrew heard it 4 In our joys and in our sorrows, 

By the Galilean lake, Days of toil and hours of ease, 

Turned from home, and toil, and kin- Still He calls, in cares and pleasures, 
dred, " That we love Him more than 

Leaving all for His dear sake. these.' 

3 Jesus calls us from the worship 5 Jesus calls us : by Thy mercies, 

Of the vain world's golden store; Saviour, make us hear Thy call, 

From each idol that would keep us, Give our hearts to Thine obedience, 

Saying," Christian, love Me more." Serve and love Thee best of all. 

Children of the Heavenly King. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

Children of the Heavenly King. 

2 Lift your eyes, ye sons of light ! 
Sion's city is in sight : 
There our endless home shall be, 
There our Lord we soon shall see. 
Lord, obediently we go, 
Gladly leaving all below ; 
Only Thou our Leader be, 
And we still will follow Thee. 



J. W. A. Cluett. 

Sing, my soul, His won-drous love,Who,from yon bright throne a - bove, 

Ev-er watchful o'er our race, Still to man ex -tends His grace. Amen. 


2 Heaven and earth by Him were made; 
All is by His sceptre swayed ; 
What are we that He should show 
So much love to us below ? 

3 God, the merciful and good, 

Bought us with the Saviour's blood ; 
And, to make our safety sure, 
Guides us by His Spirit pure. 

4 Sing, my soul, adore His Name ! 
Let His glory be thy theme : 
Praise Him till He calls thee home ; 
Trust His love for all to come. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

i . Like trumpet notes of joy, Let songs of praise arise,Glad hearts and tongues em- 

ter - nal life to us is giv'n, E-ter-nal life to us is giv'n. A-men. 

2 O for a gladsome voice 

To sing His grace and truth, 
Our hearts and souls rejoice, 

For He has blessed our youth. 
His blood has washed our sins away, 
His love turns midnight into day. 

3 Let golden glory fade, 

Let earthly store decay ; 
Love has our ransom paid, 

And Christ is ours alway. 
Oh, let us live for Him alone, 
He never can forsake His own. 

Hear Our Prayer, O Heavenly FatHer. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

us down to sleep ; . . Bid Thine an - gels, pure and 

* r^trf-r 

ho - ly, Round our bed their vi - gils keep. A - men. 

2 Heavv though our sins, Thy mercy 4 None can measure out Thy patience 

Far outweighs them every one ; By the span of human thought ; 

Down before the cross we cast them, None can bound the tender mercies 
Trusting in Thy help alone. Which Thy holy Son has bought. 

3 Keep us through this night of peril 5 Pardon all our past transgressions, 

Safe beneath its sheltering shade ; Give us strength for days to come ; 

Take us to Thy rest, we pray Thee, Guide and guard us with Thy blessing, 
When our pilgrimage is made. Till thine angels bear us home. 

Sweet tKe Moments, Rich in Blessing. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

1. Sweet the moments, rich in bless-ing, Which be-fore the cross I spend; 

Lite and health and peace pos-sess-ing Thro' the sin-ner's dy - ing friend. 

g ^feJri^^B^^^ ^i 

Here I kneel in won-der, viewing Mer-cy poured in streams of blood ; 

Precious drops,for pardon suing, Make and plead my peace with God. A - MEN. 

Sweet the Moments, Rich in Blessing. 

2 Truly blessed is the station, 

Low before His cross to lie, 
While I see divine compassion 

Pleading in His dying eye. 
Here I find my hope of heaven, 

While upon the Lamb I gaze ; 
Loving much, and much forgiven, 

Let my heart o'erflow with praise. 

Lord, in loving contemplation 

Fix my heart and eyes on Thee, 
Till I taste Thy full salvation, 

And Thine unveiled glories see. 
For Thy sorrows I adore Thee, [peace ; 

For the griefs that wrought our 
Gracious Saviour, I implore Thee, 

In my heart Thy love increase. 

Jesu, Still Lead On. 

5. 5. 8. 8. 5. 5. J. W. A. Cluett. 

1. Je-su,still lead on, Till our rest be won; And,although the way be cheerless, 

J* »/ J J 

We will follow calm and fearless;Guide us by Thy hand,To our Fatherland. A-men. 

2 If the way be drear, 
If the foe be near, 
Let not faithless fears o'ertake us, 
Let not faith and hope forsake us ; 
For through many a woe 
To our home we go. 

3 When we seek relief 

From a long-felt grief: 

When temptations come alluring, 

Make us patient and enduring ; 

Show us that bright shore 

Where we weep no more. 

4 Jesu, still lead on, 
Till our rest be won : 
Heavenly Leader, still direct us, 
Still support, console, protect us, 
Till we safely stand 
In our Fatherland. 

Ecce Homo. 

2 Jesus, descended from above, 

Our loss of Eden to retrieve, 
Great God of universal love, 

If all the world through Thee may live, 
In us a quickening spirit be, 
And witness Thou hast died for me. 

3 Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb, — 

Thee by thy painful agony, 
Thy bloody sweat, Thy grief and shame, 

Thy cross and passion on the tree, 
Thy precious death and life — I pray, 
Take all, take all my sins away. 

4 O let Thy love my heart constrain, — 

Thy love, for every sinner free, — 
That every fallen son of man 

May taste the grace that found out me ; 
That all mankind with me may prove 
Thy sov'reign, everlasting love. 

Jesus, Lover of My Soul. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

I. Je-sus,lov-er of my soul, Let me to Thybo-som fly , While the near-er 

» • — m-r * T~ "f* I r» P "f • \m * — £2— ,-# * P P— 

^m ^^M ^^- 

watersroll, While the tempest still is high : Hideme,Omy Saviour,hide,Till the storm of 


fe be past; Safe in-to the haven guide, Oh,receivemy soulat last ! Amen. 

2 Other refuge have I none, 

Hangs my helpless soul on Thee 
Leave, ah ! leave me not alone, 

Still support and comfort me: 
All my trust on Thee is stayed ; 

All my help from Thee I bring ; 
Cover my defenseless head 

With the shadow of Thy wing. 

Plenteous grace with Thee is found, 

Grace to cleanse from every sin ; 
Let the healing streams abound, 

Make and keep me pure within : 
Thou of life the fountain art, 

Freely let me take of Thee : 
Spring Thou up within my heart, 

Rise to all eternity. 



J. W. A. Cluett. 

Sav-iour,source of ev - 'ry bless-ing, Tune my heart to grateful lays : 
[ Streams of mer- cy, nev - erceas-ing, Call forcease-less songs of praise. 

11 1 ' ■ — ^r 

3 Thou didst seek me when a stranger, 

Wandering from the fold of God ; 

Thou, to save my soul from danger, 

Didst redeem me with Thy blood. 

By Thy hand restored, defended, 

Safe through life thus far I've come ; 
Safe, O Lord, when life is ended, 
Bring me to my heavenly home. 

hearts to glow . . With low - ly love and fer - vent 

Thro' life's long day and death's dark night, 

O gen - tie Je - su, be our light, Thro' life's long day . . and 

death's dark night, . . O gen - tie Je - su, be our light. A-men. 

2 The day is gone, its hours have run, t 

And Thou has taken count of all, 
The scanty triumphs grace hath won, 

The broken vow, the frequent fall. 
Through life's long day and death's 
dark night, 

O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

3 Grant us, dear Lord, from evil ways 

True absolution and release ; 
And bless us, more than in past days, 

With purity and inward peace. 
Through life's long day and death's 
dark night, 

O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

For all we love, the poor, the s 
The sinful, unto Thee we call ; 

Oh, let Thy mercy make us glad ; 
Thou art our Saviour, and our all. 

Through life's long day and death's 
dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

Sweet Saviour, bless us ; night is come ; 
Through night and darkness near 
us be; 
Good angels watch about our home, 
And we are one day nearer Thee. 
Through life's long day and death's 
dark night, 
O gentle Jesu, be our light. 

Saviour, Who THy FlocK art Feeding. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

j Sav-iour,whoThy flock art feeding,Withthe shepherd's kind-est care, \ 
' \ All the fee-ble gen-tly leading, While the lambs Thy bosom share ; j 

Now these lit - tie ones re - ceiving,Fold them in Thy gra - cious arm ; 

IL £2 £— _f JL" "^* — U 


There we know,Thy word be-lieving,On-ly there se - cure from harm.A-MEN. 

2 Never from Thy pasture roving 

Let them be the lion's prey ; 

Let Thy tenderness, so loving, 

Keep them all life's dangerous way. 
Then, within Thy fold eternal, 

Let them find a resting-place ; 
Feed in pastures ever vernal, 
Drink the rivers of Thy grace. 

On the Resurrection Morning. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 Here awhile they must be parted, 

And the flesh its sabbath keep, 
Waiting in a holy stillness, 6 

Wrapt in sleep. 

3 For a space the tired body 

Lies with feet toward the dawn ; 
Till there breaks the last and brightest 7 
Easter morn. 

4 But the soul in contemplation 

Utters earnest prayer and strong ; R 
Breaking at the resurrection 
Into song. 

5 Soul and body reunited, 

Thenceforth nothing shall divide, 

Waking up in Christ's own likeness, 

Oh, the beauty, oh, the gladness 

Of that resurrection-day ! 
Which shall not, through endless ages, 

Pass away ! 
On that happy Easter morning 

All the graves their dead restore, 
Father, sister, child and mother, 

Meet once more. 
To that brightest of all meetings 
Bring us, Jesus Christ, at last ; 
To Thy cross, through, death and 
Holding fast. 


6. 5 . 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

i. On - ward,Chris-tian sol - diers, Marching as to war, 

-i 4— >_ ^-jry P .J- - - rA 


2 At the sign of triumph 

Satan's host doth flee ; 
On, then, Christian soldiers, 

On to victory ! 
Hell's foundations quiver 

At the shout of praise ; 
Brothers, lift your voices, 

Loud your anthems raise ! 
Onward, etc. 

3 Like a mighty army 

Moves the Church of God ; 
Brothers, we are treading 

Where the saints have trod ; 
We are not divided, 

All one Body we, 
One in hope and doctrine, 

One in charity. 
Onward, etc. 

4 Crowns and thrones may perish, 

Kingdoms rise and wane, 
But the Church of Jesus 

Constant will remain ; 
Gates of hell can never 

'Gainst that Church prevail ; 
We have Christ's own promise, 

And that cannot fail. 
Onward, etc. 

5 Onward, then, ye people! 

Join our happy throng ! 
Blend with ours your voices 

In the triumph song ! 
Glory, laud, and honor, 

Unto Christ the King ; 
This through countless ages 

Men and angels sing. 
Onward, etc. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 He who gave for us His life, 
Who for us endured the strife, 
Is our Paschal Lamb today, 
We, too, sing for joy and say, 

Alleluia ! 

3 He who bore all pain and loss, 
Comfortless upon the cross, 
Lives in glory now on high, 
Pleads for us, and hears our cry, 

Alleluia ! 

4 He who slumbered in the grave 
Is exalted now to save ; 

Now through Christendom it rings 
That the Lamb is King of kings. 
Alleluia ! 

5 Thou our Paschal Lamb indeed, 
Christ, Thy ransomed people feed ; 
Take our sins and guilt away, 
Let us sing by night and day, 

Alleluia ! 

Awahe, Ye Saints, Awahe. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 On this auspicious morn And earth, in humbler strains, 
The Lord of life arose ! Thy praise responsive sings : 

He burst the bars of death, Worthy the Lamb that once was slain, 

And vanquished all our foes : Thro' endless years to live and reign. 

And now He pleads our cause above, 4 Great King, gird on Thy sword, 

And reaps the fruits of all His love. 

3 All hail, triumphant Lord ! 

Heav'n with hosannas rings, 

Ascend Thy conquering car ; 
While justice, truth, and love 

Maintain Thy glorious war : 
This day let sinners own Thy sway, 
And rebels cast their arms away. 

Lo ! the Voice of Jesus. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

I. Lo ! the voice of Je - sus Fond-ly speaks to all: He it is who' 


frees us From sin's bit - ter thrall ; He it is whose na - ture, 



CZZ2 & » 

Human as our own, Pleads for ev-'rycreature,By the Father's throne. A-men. 

2 Lo ! the voice of Jesus, 

Heard within the breast, 
Tells us He will ease us, 

Howsoe'er distrest : 
Tells us that our sorrow 

For the night may last, 
But a glad to-morrow 

Breaks upon us fast. 

3 Lo ! the voice of Jesus 
Bids us still endure : 
Seek not what will please us, 
But things just and pure ; 
Strive through self-denial 
Upwards to the light, 
Where faith's years of trial 
Shall be lost in sight. 

Through the Day Thy Love Has Spared Us. 

8. 7. 8. 7. 7. 7. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

Thro' the si-lentwatch-es guard us, Let no foe our peace mo - lest. 

:-sus,Thou our guardian be ; Sweet it is to trust in Thee. 

2 Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, 

Dwelling in the midst of foes ; 

Us and ours preserve from dangers ; 

In Thine arms may we repose ; 

And, when life's short day is past, 

Rest with Thee in heaven at last. 



J. W. A. Cluett. 

1. Thro' the night of doubt and sor - row Onward goes the pil-grim band, 

£ ft * A 

>■— g | Q' - = 

Sing-ing songs of ex - pec - ta - tion, Marching to the promised land. 

? • "f~ "f P -rg- 

Clear be-fore us thro' the darkness Gleams and burns the guiding light : 

I. £ £ £: -O. -£=. 

Brother clasps the hand of brother,Stepping fear - less thro' the night. A - men. 


2 One, the light of God's own presence. 

O'er His ransomed people shed, 
Chasing far the gloom and terror, 

Brightening all the path we tread : 
One, the object of our journey, 

One, the faith which never tires, 
One, the earnest looking forward, 

One, the hope our God inspires. 

3 One, the strain the lips of thousand: 

Lift as from the heart of one; 
One the conflict, one the peril, 
One, the march in God begun : 


One, the gladness of rejoicing 

On the far eternal shore, 
Where the One Almighty Father 

Reigns in love for evermore. 
4 Onward, therefore, pilgrim brothers ! 

Onward, with the Cross our aid ! 
Bear its shame, and fight its battle, 

Till we rest beneath its shade ! 
Soon shall come the great awaking, 

Soon the rending of the tomb ; 
Then, the scattering of all shadows, 

And the end of toil and gloom ! 


C. M. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

2 We may not know, we cannot tell, 4 There was no other good enough 

What pains He had to bear, To pay the price of sin, 

But we believe it, was for us He only could unlock the gate 

He hung and suffered there. Of heaven, and let us in. 

3 He died that we might be forgiven, 5 Oh, dearly, dearly has He loved ! 

He died to make us good, And we must love Him too, 

That we might go at last to heaven, And trust in His redeeming blood, 
Saved by His precious blood. 43 And try His works to do. 

Pleasant are THy Courts Above. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 

1. Pleas-ant are Thy courts a - bove In the land of life and love; 

For the brightnessof Thy face, For Thy full - ness, God of grace ! A-men. 

1—1 r-i 
H« — ' i . # 4*-l5H 

Pleasant are Thy 

2 Happy birds that sing and fly 
Round Thy altars, O Most High : 
Happier souls that find a rest 

In a heavenly Father's breast ! 
Like the wandering dove, that found 
No repose on earth around, 
They can to their ark repair 
And enjoy it ever there. 

3 Happy souls ! their praises flow 
Ever in this vale of woe ; 
Waters in the desert rise, 
Manna feeds them from the skies : 

Courts Above. 

On they go from strength to strength 
Till they reach Thy throne at length, 
At Thy feet adoring fall, 
Who hast led them safe through all. 
Lord, be mine this prize to win ; 
Guide me through a world of sin ; 
Keep me by Thy saving grace ; 
Give me at Thy side a place. 
Sun and shield alike Thou art ; 
Guide and guard my erring heart. 
Grace and glory flow from Thee ; 
Shower,oh, shower them, Lord, on me ! 

Oft in Danger, Oft in Woe. 

7s. J. W. A. Cluett. 

1. Oft in dan - ger, oft 

woe, On-ward,Christians,onward go : 

!"3 - - & 

Fight the fight,maintain the strife. 

Strengthened with the Bread of Life. Amen. 

2 Let your drooping hearts be 
March in heavenly armor clad : 
Fight, nor think the battle long, 
Soon shall victory tune your song. 

3 Let not sorrow dim your eye, 
Soon shall every tear be dry; 

Let not fears your course impede, 
Great your strength, if great your need. 
4 Onward then to battle move, 

More than conquerors ye shall prove; 
Though opposed by many a foe, 
45 Christian soldiers, onward go. 

L-ove Divine. 

8. 8. 6. 8. 8. 6. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

I. O Love divine, how sweetThou art! When shall I find my willing heart 

All taken up by Thee? I thirst, I faint, I die to proveThe greatness of re- 

2 God only knows the love of God ; 
O that it now were shed abroad 

In this poor stony heart ; 
For love I sigh, for love I pine, 
This only portion, Lord, be mine : 

Be mine, this better part. 

3 O that I could forever sit 
With Mary at the Master's feet ! 

Be this my happy choice ; 

My only care, delight and bliss 
My joy, my heaven on earth, be this, 
To hear the Bridegroom's voice. 

4 O that I could with favour'd John 
Recline my weary head upon 

The dear Redeemer's breast ; 
From care, and sin, and sorrows free, 
Give me, O Lord, to find in Thee 

My everlasting rest. 

4 6 

When tHe Day of Toil is Done. 

7- 7- 7- 5- 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

, When the day of toil is done, When the race of life is run, 

Fa-ther,grant Thy wea- ried one, Rest for ev - er - more ! A-men. 

:^a 4=a. -C2. ^^ ^ _ 

2 When the strife of sin is stilled, 
When the foe within is killed, 
Be Thy gracious word fulfilled, 

Peace for evermore ! 

3 When the darkness melts away 
At the breaking of Thy Day, 
Bid us hail the cheering ray : — 

Light for evermore 1 

4 When the heart, by sorrow tried, 
Feels at length its throbs subside, 
Bring us, where all tears are dried, 

Joy for evermore ! 

5 When for vanished days we yearn, 
Days that never can return, 
Teach us in Thy love to learn 

Love for evermore ! 

6 When the breath of life is flown, 
When the grave must claim its own, 
Lord of Life ! be ours Thy crown — 
Life for evermore ! 


Angels, from Your Realms of Glory. 


Hughes. J. W. A. Cluett. 

I. An-gels, from the realms of glo - ry, Wing your flight o'er all the earth, 

Come and worship,Come and worship,Worship Christ,the new-born King. A-men. 

Angels, from Your Realms of Glory. 
2 Shepherds, in the field abiding, Ye have seen His natal star : 

Watching o'er your flocks by night, Come and worship, — 

God with man is now residing, Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

Yonder shines the infant-light : + Saints, before the altar bending, 

Come and worship, — Watching long in hope and fear, 

Worship Christ, the new-born King. Suddenly the Lord, descending, 

3 Sages, leave your contemplations, — 

Brighter visions beam afar ; 

Seek the great Desire of nations; 

In His temple shall appear : 

Come and worship,— 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

While Shepherds Watched Their FlocKs by Night. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

While shepherds watch'd their flocks by night,All seat- ed on the ground, 

-5 J A^J, 

"Fear not," said he, for mighty dread 

Had seized their troubled mind, 
"Glad tidings of great joy I bring 

To you and all mankind. 
"To you in David's town this day, 

Is born of David's line, 
A Saviour, who is Christ the Lord, £ 

And this shall be the sign : 
"The Heavn'ly Babe you there shall 

To human view displayed, 49 

All meanly wrapped in swathing bands, 
And in a manger laid." 

5 Thus spake the Seraph, and forthwith 
Appeared a shining throng 

Of angels praising God, who thus 
Addressed their joyful song : 

6 "All glory be to God on high, 
And to the earth be peace ; 

Good-will henceforth, from heaven 
to men, 
Begin and never cease." 

Brightest and Best of tKe Sons of the Morning. 

P. M. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

- zT 

1,5. Brightest and best of the sons of the morning,Dawnon our darkness,and 

2 Cold on His cradle the dewdrops are 

Low lies His head with the beasts 

of the stall ; 
Angels adore Him in slumber reclining, 
Maker and Monarch and Saviour of a 


3 Shall we not yield Him, in costly devo- 

Odors of Edom, and offerings di- 


Gems of the mountain, and pearls of 
the ocean, 
Myrrh from the forest, and gold 
from the mine ? 

Vainly we offer each ample oblation, 

Vainly with gifts would His favor 

secure ; 

Richer by far is the heart's adoration, 

Dearer to God are the prayers of the 


As -with Gladness Men of Old. 


J. W. A. Cluett. 


i. As with glad-ness men of old Did the guid - ing -star be - hold, 

As with joy they hailed its light, Lead - ing on-ward,beam- ing bright, 

-4 t t r .ir— 4v? 

So,most gracious Lord,may we Ev - 

^ ^ t ,t r 

er-more be led to Thee. 

As with joyful steps they sped 
To that lowly manger-bed, 
There to bend the knee before 
Him, Whom heaven and earth adore, 
So may we, with willing feet, 
Ever seek the mercy-seat. 
As they offered gifts most rare, 
At that manger rude and bare, 
So may we, with holy joy, 
Pure, and free from sin's alloy, 
All our costliest treasures bring, 
Christ, to Thee, our heavenly King. 

. Holy Jesus, every c 
Keep us in the narrow way, 
And, when earthly things are past, 
Bring our ransomed souls at last, 
Where they need no star to guide, 
Where no clouds Thy glory hide. 

; In the heavenly country bright 
Need they no created light ; 
Thou its Light, its Joy, its Crown ; 
Thou its Sun, which goes not down ; 
There forever may we sing 
Alleluias to our King. 

5 1 

Christmas Anthem. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

i. Hark to the mu - sic ! so joy - ous - ly swell -ing, 

2. Bright -est of days, O the star of thy morn-ing, The 

3. Je - sus, our joy is yet min - gled with weep-ing, The 

fl - % C y 

O'er the lone shep - herds of 

church has been wait - ing for 

hymn of the an - gels is 

Beth - le - hem's plain; 
a - ges to greet; 
not yet ful - fill'd. 

Christmas A.ntHem. 

Grand - ly it speak - eth, the strange sto - ry tell - ing, 
Now while thy splen - dor her sky is a - dorn - ing, 
Earth is still Ba - bel, her chil - dren are reap 




em - pire is end - ed, Mes - si - ah doth reign, 
rise - es in beau - ty her bride - groom to meet, 

har - vests of car - nage, not peace or good - will. 

CHristmas Anthem. 


He has come, the long - wait - ed ; now sa - ges a - 
Church ! lay off thy sack - cloth, and gird on thy 
But we crown Thy blest birth - day with glad - ness and 

dore Him, And stars bend their or - bits to shine at His 
glo - ry, Be free from thy bond - age, give wings to thy 

sing - ing, For faith sees Thee com - ing thro' tern - pest and 

Christmas Anthem. 

birth ; 
fear ; 
storm ; 

He has come, the long - wait - ed ; now sa - 
Church ! lay off thy sack - cloth and gird 
But we crown Thy blest birth - day with 

on thy 
ness and 

dore Him, And stars bend their or - bits to shine at His birth. 
glo - ry, Be free from thy bond-age,give wings to thy fear, 
g, For faith sees Thee com-ing thro' tern - pest and storm. 

Christmas .AntHem. 

h > ff 

Shout the glad ti-dings of joy to all peo-ple, Hal-le - lu -jah, a -men, 

_/^^_— *-+-£* 

Bread of the World, in Mercy BroKen. 

P. M. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

soul, in mer - cy shed, . . By Whom the words of . . life were 

spo - ken, And in Whose death our. . sins are dead; A-men. 

2 Look on the heart by sorrow broken, 
Look on the tears by sinners shed ; 
And be Thy feast to us the token 
That by Thy grace our souls are fed. 

Come, Ye Disconsolate. 

II. 10. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

Here bring your wound - ed hearts, here tell your an - guish ; 

Earth has no sor - row that heav'n can - not heal. 

Come, Ye Disconsolate. 

Here bring your wound -ed hearts, here tell your an - guish ; 

2 Joy of the desolate, light of the straying, 
Hope of the penitent, fadeless and pure, 
Here speaks the Comforter, tenderly saying, 

" Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot cure." 

3 Here see the Bread of life ; see waters flowing 

Forth from the throne of God, pure from above ; 
Come to the feast of love ; come, ever knowing 
Earth has no sorrow but heaven can remove. 

Come, Ye that Love the Lord. 

S. M. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

i. Come, ye that love the Lord, 

J. J 4, 

let your joys be known, 

Join in a song with 

sweet ac-cord,While ye sur-roundHis throne. Let those re-fuse to 

Come, "Ye tKat Love tHe Lord. 

ser-vants of the heav'n-ly King May speak their joys a-broad. A-men. 

2 The God that rules on high, 

That all the earth surveys, 
That rides upon the stormy sky, 

And calms the roaring seas } 
This awful God is ours, 

Our Father and our Love ; 
He will send down His heavenly powers, 

To carry us above. 

3 The men of grace have found 

Glory begun below: 
Celestial fruit on earthly ground 

From faith and hope may grow; 
Let then our songs abound, 

And every tear be dry : 
We're marching through Immanuel' 

To fairer worlds on high. 


Christmas Carol. 

D. C. M. 

J. W. A. Cluett. 

i. It came up - on the mid-night clear, That glo-rious song of 

CHristmas Carol. 

heav'n's all - gra - cious King ; 
K J I I— 

The world in sol - emn 

I- r^ 

2 Still through the cloven skies they come, 3 O ye, beneath life's crushing load, 

Whose forms are bending low, 
Who toil along the climbing way 

With painful steps and slow ! 
Look now, for glad and golden hours 

Come swiftly on the wing: 
Oh, rest beside the weary road, 

And hear the angels sing. 

With peaceful wings unfurled ; 
And still their heavenly music floats* 

O'er all the weary world : 
Above its sad and lonely plains 

They bend on hovering wing, 
And ever o'er its Babel sounds 
The blessed angels sing. 

4 For lo, the days are hastening on, 
By prophets seen of old, 
When with the ever-circling years, 

Shall come the time foretold, 
When the new heaven and earth shall own 

The Prince of Peace their King, 
And the whole world send back the song 
Which now the angels sing. 

Index of First Lines. 


Abide with me ; fast falls the eventide H. F. Lyte. i o 

Angels from the realms of glory James Montgomery. 48 

As with gladness men of old W. C. Dix. 5 1 

Awake, ye saints, awake ! Thomas Cotterill. 39 

Bread of the world in mercy broken Reginald Heber. 57 

Brightest and best of the sons of the morning . . . Reginald Heber. 50 

Children of the Heavenly King John Cennick. 22 

Christ the Lord is risen again Michael Weisse. 38 

Come, Holy Ghost, Creator come Latin Hymn, 12th Cent. 1 1 

Come, ye disconsolate Thos. Moore. 58 

Come, ye that love the Lord Isaac Watts. 60 

For the Apostles' glorious company Bp. W. W. How. 15 

Hark to the music so joyously swelling Ira G. Bidwell. 5 2 

Hear our prayer, O heavenly Father Harriett Parr. 25 

It came upon the midnight clear E. H. Sears. 65 

Jesus calls us ; o'er the tumult Mrs. C. F. Alexander. 2 1 

Jesu, lover of my soul Charles Wesley. 30 

Jesu, still lead on N. L. Von Zinzendorf. 27 

Like trumpet notes of joy Geo. J. Brown. 24 

Lord, with glowing heart I'd praise Thee Francis S. Key. 18 


Index of First Lines. 


Lo ! the voice of Jesus A. E. Evans. 40 

Love Divine, all love excelling Charles Wesley. 14 

Nearer, my God, to Thee Mrs. Sarah Adams. 20 

Oft in danger, oft in woe H. K. White. 45 

O Love Divine, how sweet Thou art Chas. Wesley. 46 

On the resurrection morning S. Baring-Gould. 35 

Onward, Christian soldiers S. Baring-Gould. 36 

Pleasant are Thy courts above H. F. Lyte. 44 

Saviour, again to Thy dear Name we raise John Ellerton. 1 6 

Saviour, source of every blessing Robert Robinson. 3 1 

Saviour, who Thy flock art feeding W. A. Muhlenberg. 34 

Sing, my soul, His wondrous love Unknoiun. 23 

Softly now the light of day G. W. Doane. 1 3 

Sun of my soul, Thou Saviour dear John Keble. 1 2 

Sweet Saviour, bless us ere we go F. W. Faber. 32 

Sweet the moments, rich in blessing Walter Shirley. 26 

The Lord be with us as we bend "John Ellerton. 9 

There is a green hill far away Mrs. C. F. Alexander. 43 

Through the day Thy love has spared us Thos. Kelly. 41 

Through the night of doubt and sorrow .... Bernhard S. Ingeman. 42 

When the day of toil is done J°hn Ellerton. 47 

While shepherds watched their flocks by night .... Nahum Tate. 49 

Would Jesus have the sinner die ? Charles Wesley. 28